The R(ex) (Va)gina; our big bag of collective Canadian Rights.


1. 1. What is RECTUM? definition of RECTUM (Black’s Law Dictionary)

Definition of RECTUM: Lat Right; also a trial or accusation. Bract; Cowell.


The etymology of words provides for hilarious interpretations of the truth. Lawyers are wordsmiths and one of the little con games they play on their hapless victims is to change the meaning of legal terms to twist the meaning of the intent of all their Acts (plays). For this reason I always defer to terms specifically from Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition. This is the edition that was in vogue when I first started writing about the crimes committed against Canada by the British Crown of Israel and their Jewish Monarchs.


For instance do you know what the word RECTUM means? Yer probably laughing and  saying yeah, I saw mine once when I was a kid playing with a mirror… big brown pucker hole right? LOL. Well, no. Legally speaking, your Rectum is your Right. I am not sure how you refer to that in plural in Latin; just plain Rectum as in ‘one moose, two moose’, or Rectums as in ‘one bird, two birds’, or Recti as in ‘one hippopotamus, two hippopotami’. But for the sake of discussion; let us proceed referring to our plural rights as our RECTUMS.


Now according to the British Crown of Israel and their Jewish Monarchs… (a British monarch is the Titular Head of the Anglican Church. In fact all Queens and Kings are the titular leaders of their respective religions; One big pack of Tit Heads. All Kings and Queens of the human species are simply human cons.) … all of our Rectums (rights) are vested in the Monarch, forming one great big huge Rectum called a REX. From this term REX, come other terms such as Regent, Regina and all that other hooby-dooby-ism.


Now in examining these words I have to wonder about the word; REGINA. Since this refers to a FEMALE REX, logic seems to dictate that this is made of the two terms REX and VAGINA. Regina = Rex + Vagina = R(ex) (Va)gina. So now our collective RECTUMS have been stuffed into one big bag called a REGINA. Our Rectums are supposedly stuffed into this big bag of Collective Canadian Rights to protect them.


Of course a cynic may quip at this juncture that it appears our Canadian rights have been pounded up our asses by the big Rex Vagina. The story is the great British Regina is roaming the Earth to promote peace and harmony. The giant sucking Regina from Britain is just looking for Love and that is why it claims your Rectums are her big Rex so that she can rule you by divine right. This big REX in Canada is called the CROWN. So here we have this Rectum Crown sitting on a foreign Tit-Head. Tit-Head?


According to the Secretariat of the Commonwealth of Nations, this Regina is the Titular Head of the Crown only and possesses NO EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY IN OUR FREE COUNTRY. This rather begs the question as to why this foreign Tit Head has a standing army of Yellow Striped Rectums running around violating everyone else’s Rectums at gun point while waving their mis-begotten Rectums in our faces.


The Crown has a book called a Bible that they wrote and own the copyright to that says their God gave all of us to the Crown as chattel property. Now that’s compelling evidence isn’t it? My book I wrote says my god gave everything of yours to me. It is for this reason that the Crown wants to have everything you own and even your children and it is obvious by the machinations of the Crown that they don’t want you to have anything but debts. This is called debt peonage slavery and is a crime against humanity, which is the raison d’etre for all of this deception in the first place. In fact the only thing the Crown wants you to have at all is THEIR BIBLE that they claim is the inspired word of their god. So why do you think they want you to have nothing but THEIR BIBLE? They claim it is the gossip-ful truth. PHHHT. Twits.


The problems with language in communication should be obvious by now. We all think rectum means asshole. And in that context I think REX is just a term for one big asshole. So the truth seems to lie somewhere between a vagina and an asshole. We used to refer to that as a “Tisn’t”. This seems a more appropriate way to refer to the misbegotten lawyer’s crown of the Anglican church. Their Regina is a Tit-head and their Queen? Tisn’t ours.


So why is this Tit-head violating our Rectums and ‘Penalizing’ us in these misbegotten courts that are pretending to be courts of Justice? Penalizing? Hmm? What is the ROOT of that word? Seems the Root is a Penis. Ah, I get it; a vagina with a penis… kinda like a royal transvestite. Now what is that staff of authority in the Queen’s hand that she grips so fondly? Is that dildo a symbolic Penis for the Rex Vagina? When you go into court where Justice is blindfolded and just playing pin the tail on the donkey and watch the judges homosexually stuffing their staffs of authority into our collective rectums it rather brings this whole orgy of deceit into a proper focus. Look at the great number of Judge Ramsay’s in these courts and government specializing in violating underage rectums.


And now I look at this foreign Rex Vagina and her representative Rectum in Canada (called a Prime Minister) and am beginning to realize why both of them have now been convicted for crimes against children in International Common Law Courts. Over fifty thousand native children have had their rectums violated and been slaughtered by this foreign Tit-headed Crown. Go to to see their arrest warrants. These people are formally convicted criminals on the world stage and continue to run a violent con game in our country. Confederation – ‘a conspiracy to commit a crime’. BL 6Ed.


Did you know the definition of confederation is a conspiracy to commit a crime? It should come as no surprise to anyone that officers of the British Empire around the world are now being convicted and exposed for their disgusting behaviour. It is clear that they never possessed any authority in our country other than adverse possession at the point of a gun. But a gun is the original point and click interface… easy to use. It is unfortunately a very easy game that two can play. And that is what worries me most about this foreign Crown violating our right to freedom of speech. If we can’t even talk about the crimes these people commit, how long is it going to be before Canadians start treating these yellow striped rectums in the same manner as they treated Ian Bush in their jail cell?


The hubris of this foreign Crown is incredible. They believe Canadians are totally bereft of common sense and don’t understand the balance of probabilities. The RCMP actually think Canadians fell for their bullshit that they washed the blood from the slain child Mindy Tran’s clothes because the blood on the clothes looked so terrible. Phhht. Is there anyone that does not believe Mindy was slaughtered by RCMP pedophiles who then destroyed the evidence to cover it up? That seems to fit right in with 50,000 Canadian Original Children slaughtered mercilessly after being torn from the arms of their devastated and grieving parents and Stephen Harper’s tireless efforts to cover up the mess left by his great sucking convicted pedophile REX VAGINA from Britain.


The British Crown of Israel and their Jewish Monarchs have been the world’s largest drug dealers for centuries. Opium wars anyone? The Peking-Vancouver-London Opium connection is a trillion dollar a year business. (Read Dope,Inc. by Larouche Publications.) The biggest business in British Columbia is Marijuana; a 25 billion dollar a year industry. Now you know why Canada is involved in an illegal and undeclared war to control the Queen’s dope in Afghanistan. Read the Canadian Criminal Code to see the Canadian Armed Forces as ‘her majesties forces raised by Canada.’ Yep, our children are nothing more than her cannon fodder. And now you know why so many generations of our children have spilled their blood on the altar of Crown deceit fighting for our Freedoms and our RIGHTS and yet we are so entirely enslaved by crown frauds. How does murdering Afghanis buy Canadians their freedoms? And if we are so free why are the Crowns Nazi Rectums arbitrarily detaining us on our highways and spying on us?


Go ahead and get yourself a collection of Black’s Law Dictionaries if you want to study the evolution of language in our legal system and the way it has been to used to manipulate us with these de facto unlawful government and courts. The third edition has some interesting terms such as ‘Canadian Jumper’ and “farmer’. Farmer? Yep. Back then a FARMER was a TAX COLLECTOR. Kind of brings it all into focus doesn’t it? Don’t take my word for all of this, go read it all for yourself.


And while you are at it, look up the definition of ‘Canadian’ in the Lexicon of Common Sense. A Canadian is a Retard? Apparently. We fall for the idiotic shit from the big REX.


(David Icke says they are lizards. All heil the Lizzies; the Tyrannosaurus Rex Vagina.)


Jimi Townsend


And Read here how the Tyrannosaurus Rex Vagina tried to murder the Townsend Family. How they unlawfully incarcerated Jim and maliciously prosecuted him over fifty times to try to cover it up… and yet; Jim Won!. Which means the mounties who laid the phoney charges when Jim used OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT CHANNELS SET UP SPECIFICALLY TO LAY COMPLAINTS TO (Ombudsman and RCMP Complaints) obviously only did so in the attempt to murder him and cause him to lose a dozen mining claims due to their lies. You have jailed an innocent man, now jail the criminal mounties.

Wednesday, April-17-13

Office of the Chief Judge of British Columbia

Mr. Chief Judge,

I am in receipt of the response penned by your boy Gene Jamieson.

He does not appear to have understood my complaint or who I complained about. He mentions ‘the Honourable Judge M. McKimm’.

Never met the guy. I am complaining about the black robed dead beat Mayland McKimm who used his position of authority to knowingly and with absolute malice of forethought aid and abet crimes against me with his court.

The fairy tale is that we go to court for Justice. The poster of Justice Blindfolded, deaf and mute as a post in the lobby shows how laughable that contention is.

It is not that everyone in your court conspired to pervert the course of justice. The Right Honourable Judge Klinger put the kybosh on the plans to send me to prison for being the victim of RCMP grow operators committing crimes against me to protect their grow operations out past my mining claim on North Fork Road. But Judges Takahashi and Burdett also happily jumped on the band wagon to try to railroad me and between them and McKimm had me serve a sentence without trial or conviction.

After a protracted harassment campaign to drive me from my mining claim, RCMP Henry Proce had his informant Bruce Prebushewski try to murder my family in a drive by shooting. My wife and I know this because Henry mocked us about it and told us no one would ever do anything about it. He even mocked me as I was lead out of the court in chains and asked how the system was working for me. Bruce’s uncle Arne Gatzke also showed up the next day and told me his nephew Bruce did it.

Bruce Prebushewski has shot through another disabled persons home a few months ago and then a few weeks ago was arrested for being over twice the legal limit with a loaded rifle making death threats to his uncle. Being as how his grandfather is the local alderman who fully supports the grow operations being overseen by Henry Proce, needless to say Brucey is walking around free. Good work fellas. Yeah that’s what we pay you for.

After the attempt to murder us my disability worker cut off my disability cheque saying he was investigating the drive by shooting. I wanted to know how he even knew about it since it hadn’t even made the papers yet at that time. When he instead turned around and made phoney accusations about us, I wrote a letter of complaint about him to the Ombudsman about his suspicious knowledge of the drive by shooting. In short, I wrote a petition to my government for redress.

For my pains, Sgt. Wendland had me arrested and charged with uttering threats because he ‘had his panties in a knot’. Seriously, check the transcripts where the arresting officer admits this on the stand in front of the Right Honourable Judge Klinger. The charges were laid to cover up my complaint. The Ombudsman said they would not investigate because the RCMP had charged me.


When I then complained to the RCMP Complaints Commission about Wendland and Proce, Wendland and Proce simply turned around and laid more charges of uttering threats against me USING THE SAME EVIDENCE THEY USED IN THE FIRST CHARGE that was supposed to be evidence that I uttered threats to Pat Clemens and was somehow now two years later evidence that I had uttered threats to the police officers that were trying to cover up their informants attempt to murder us. Since that was the second set of charges and I was already charged of course I had to go to jail. The RCMP are well aware of how to manipulate the system to get away with their crimes.

Your Vernon court officers are crooked as Hell and readily aid and abet RCMP crimes and lies about the victims they drag into court. I was arrested the first time in order to prevent me from attending Supreme court to get my mining claims back. Since I was in jail, I sent my wife to represent me but they would not allow her to speak to the case saying it had been adjourned indefinitely by mutual consent. Whose consent? Neither I, nor my wife consented to it.

I was not given a bail hearing. Duty Counsel Bill Furman appointed himself my counsel against my wishes and had a private ex parte hearing with JP Dalene Krenz instead. They sent my wife and daughter upstairs to sit and wait in court all day for my hearing and left me in a prison cell. My wife and daughter left at the end of the day wondering why I did not have a hearing.

After nearly a month I finally managed to get a bail hearing. Ever heard of the JIR? Ask Gene about it and he will tell you that I am supposed to have a bail hearing within three days. Unfortunately a friend put up some money for a lawyer who was a dead beat and I believe decided to conspire with the Crown. She grabbed two thousand dollars of my funds for a bail hearing in which she did nothing to defend me or protest the allegations against me. I should never have had to put up any money for bail, should never have been under house arrest and above all, should never had my charter right to freedom of speech limited, especially without the benefit of a trial or conviction. Of such despotism rebellions are made. Judge McKimm simply granted everything the Crown Prosecutor Pontius, who did nothing but lie his face off, asked for.

While I was under house arrest, CRA seized my disability cheque. That is not legal and is outright theft, a criminal code violation against us that left myself and my disabled wife in the high alpine fifty miles from our nearest neighbour without even the basic necessities of life. I believe this attack was initiated by Proce. CRA files obtained under FOIA show that while he had me in jail and court under phoney charges that he was telling CRA lies about us. They did give us our money back when public outrage and many phone calls to them forced them to give it back. But I went to jail for making the video about the crimes being committed against us.

I finally got in front of Judge McKimm again in June 2012 for the trial for violating his bail condition. He was given all of the evidence of the many crimes that had been committed against us. He never listened to a word I said. He even refused to allow me to present evidence as I wanted to and stopped me from speaking on numerous occasions. He knew full well what the circumstances were in laying the charge, knew full well that their had been an attempt to murder us, that the RCMP had harassed us from our mining claim and never gave one bit of consideration to the fact that we were victims, are lawfully allowed to defend ourselves against criminal code violations, even by lying government servants and the charges were laid after making formal complaints to the government for redress.

Instead McKimm said he wanted to send me back to jail for an unlawful psychiatric assessment before deciding on my sentence. (Psychiatric assessments are voluntary and when I did not volunteer to get one, they never bothered because it is my choice… but they still held me in the prison, apparently for no reason at this time.) McKimm said he wanted to send me to jail to get me help with my ‘belief’ that the RCMP were harassing me. I held out my hand and offered him absolute iron clad proof of the fact that they were doing so in the form of actual government documents obtained under FOIA.

His response to me was ‘shut up, shut up, just shut up’. Do professional judges go apoplectic in the face of the truth? Or is that maybe the psychotic delusional variety; that believe they are god or are aiding and abetting crimes that act like that? Do you think that is honourable acceptable behaviour for someone that is supposed to be listening to both sides? Sent to jail at the outset for peacefully exercising my freedom of speech to try to get justice now I was being sent back to prison for my beliefs even though I had absolute proof that it was not just a belief but actual fact. Can you think of how you would feel if some low life jerk off treated you in such a despicable manner?

Have you ever been housed with thugs and murderers and drug addicts that the prison is feeding synthetic heroin to on a daily basis? And where the hell are all the drugs coming from in these jails? I have been through the security checks and can tell you that it isn’t the prisoners bringing them in. What a wonderful punishment to inflict on someone who has not had a trial or been convicted. Is that to make them plead guilty out of fear or hopelessness? That is what most do and I think that is the most disgusting practise I have ever seen. This is not a justice system. It is a shakedown system run by lawyers.

I finally got a trial for the first set of charges after being in jail for six months with no trial or conviction. At the trial, Proce changed his story. First he claimed he had been harassing us because we had the claim for ‘non-mining purposes’.

Then he changed his story and said he was harassing us because we had a permanent structure on the property. This was my 8×10 wash house that was sitting on a pile of board ends and I removed from the property with a trailer and half ton truck. He said that many times he came out to harass us it was just because he was in the area on business. There is no business in that area other than all the local grow operators going out to water their plants and Cpl. Proce hiding in the bushes. If he is on business up there, how come no grow operators ever get busted there? Too obvious that answer isn’t it?

The Right Honorable Judge Klinger said all of the Crowns allegations were not the issue and the issue was whether or not I had uttered a threat when I made an official complaint to the Ombudsman to petition my government for redress. He said that he did not believe that any reasonable man would believe my complaint to the Ombudsman was a threat. In other words, the Crown had shit for brains and the only case they had against me was their pack of lies. That was the first malicious prosecution down and it caused a great deal of pain for the Crown since they had used the exact same evidence for the second set of charges. I went back to jail after being found innocent to contend with the second set of charges.

Keep in mind that I spent a year in jail and under house arrest, not for the charges, but for the bail violation. I was finally let out of prison when I submitted a writ of habeus corpus. This took me a long time to do as the prison did all they could to deny me access to legal materials and even my own case files. They told me to suck it up that I was in jail because I was a criminal. In my writ of habeus corpus I contended that I should never have had my charter right to freedom of speech limited because of false accusations by people I had made formal complaints against, especially without trial or conviction.

The Crown agreed and released me from prison and removed the unlawful bail condition to stay off the Internet. In other words, THEY ADMITTED MCKIMM’S BAIL CONDITION WAS A CRIME AGAINST ME AND A VIOLATION OF MY BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS in this country.

Even though they let me out of jail, they did not ‘formally’ hear my writ of habeus corpus. The judge warned me at the outset that if I chose to go through with the writ that the Crowns offer to get out of jail was off the table and I was in jeopardy of going back if I lost. Being as how I was already unlawfully in jail for six months, I accepted the deal. I understand a veiled threat when I hear it.

The Crown’s second case got screwed up by the evidence being deemed ludicrous by the Right Honourable Judge Klinger. Prosecutor Pontius had been unable to convince the Supreme Court Judge to let him keep the case in his local Vernon court after I elected to be tried by Judge and Jury in Supreme Court. This was further exacerbated by the fact that I kept telling them it was my charter right to have the details of what the charges were. Not just what section of the criminal code they were opening and putting their finger on to charge me, but what evidence they had and what the details were. They simply said that sometime between April and November of 2011 I had uttered threats. This was the time period that the RCMP was supposed to be investigating themselves. I made five complaints against them in my complaint so they laid five charges against me.

This judge, and I have included the time line of events with this so you can see who he was (Chapman I believe) also ordered them to accept my list of witnesses. (Keep in mind that I was in court for malicious prosecution over FIFTY times while the Crown Persecutors kept switching their lies and their liars. I did document everything as I went along and have posted the whole sordid debacle on the Internet.)

We then went to a preliminary hearing in front of Takahashi. Takahashi had already trashed my rights by using his court room inappropriately. When I wanted to call witnesses for the first trial, Krenz refused to take them and instead told me I had to have a ‘witness hearing’. None of the four lawyers I had that I had to fire to get the job done had even heard of such a thing. Takahashi refused to let me call any witnesses and when I complained to Chapman about it he told the court to accept my witnesses and to provide me details that I had requested in writing from Prosecuting Liar P. Wong.

Takahashi did his best to run interference for his lying persecutor buddies at the preliminary hearing. He dropped the charges against me laid by Proce because Proce had lied so many times and they knew I was going to blow his lying doors off at the trial. I suspect they did not want him on the stand trying to make up stupid lies and changing his story or having to explain why he had changed it so many times to date. Takahashi is either in his dotage or is genuinely retarded. He then brought in new charges against me and I thought his buddies Pontius and P. Wong were going to break into high fives because they were so jubilant. His reasoning did not make sense, but then, few judges do make sense in the Vernon Court House. I believe this comes from having the absolute despotic power to destroy people’s lives with impunity.

At this point the file got passed over to the Prosecutor at the Supreme Court, Iain Currie. I would say the Right Honourable Iain Currie because this is another very rare man that does not lie in court. He took one look at the charges Takahashi sent to him and tossed the whole thing out. He wrote me a letter that he had instructed the clerk of the court to drop all of the charges. The charges against me were all dropped and that was the end of the phoney lies the RCMP made up to try to cover up the attempt to murder my family and to get revenge on me for daring to make a formal complaint about them.

The court clerk and JP Dalene Krenz disagreed with this however. They said that court case 46776-4A  was not related to 45063-1 or  46776-1 since it had to do with my bail violation and they did not care that the bail restriction itself had been declared unlawful or that the phoney charges had all been tossed out. They insisted that I go for sentencing in front of Judge McKimm and set a date for December 5, 2012.

I then brought forward another writ of habeus corpus to get myself released from unlawful detention at home. In my writ I also explained that I had not been given any details of what these charges were. I have included my second writ of habeus corpus for your perusal as well.


Since the writ was again heard in Supreme Court in front of Judge Hyslop, Iain Currie was again the Crown Prosecutor. He told the judge that he did not think the writ should be allowed since there were no charges in front of the court upon which to base the writ. It should have also been obvious if there were no charges to support the writ of habeus corpus then there were no charges to support the ongoing bail either. The judge ordered me off of house arrest and ordered them to return my 5000 dollars that I had to put up for bail as well. (Five grand for people that live on 1000 a month disability? Have you read
what the JIR says about that?) It’s a lot of money for a victim of a murder attempt to have to put up isn’t it? The judge decided that the prohibition to stay away from Clemens, Proce and Wendland was reasonable. How she determined that since the charges laid by these phoneys had already been dropped I don’t know. It was clear at this point in time that they were the ones committing crimes against me and not vice versa. Minor detail.

The Crown then asked that my appeal for Judge McKimm’s conviction be moved to December 10th since the sentencing was set for December 5th for my bail violation and my appeal was set for December 3rd. It was my contention that it was ludicrous to sentence me when I was appealing it anyway but they set the date never the less. Crown also asked at this time that I not be allowed to file any more applications to the court until the sentencing was done. (Crown did intimate to me at that time that there was nothing he could do about the sentencing since he was a Supreme Court Prosecutor and the case was being pushed in the local Vernon court.) But once again my writ of habeus corpus was not heard and my petition for relief unaddressed. My appeal of McKimm’s conviction was never heard. When I went for the hearing I was told there was no appeal scheduled and all that was scheduled was an appeal to get my transcripts. The Crown refused all through all these trials to provide me with any transcripts. I got four lawyers over the course of this persecution since legal aid told me they would not pay for transcripts unless I had a lawyer represent me.

Every one of the arseholes wanted to plead me guilty and cut a deal and not a
one of them ordered my transcripts as I asked them all to do repeatedly. In writing and I have all the letters. In fact the legal aid lady kept warning lawyers I tried to get that I was difficult to deal with. There are more than a few underhanded employees in your courts that could use a little time locked in a concrete toilet themself. When I submitted my appeal I asked for a new trial on the bail violation since I was unable to get the transcripts. My application for a change of venue also got lost in the shuffle. But you can check the transcripts from the second habeus corpus petition hearing and see for youself that the appeal was set to December 10th 2012.

On December 5, 2012, I showed up for court with McKimm. I gave him my affidavit of speaking to the sentence and told him that I did not consent to him sentencing me and would only consent to an absolute discharge. Howard Pontius then started on about
me being psychotic and delusional and how he still wanted me to have a psychiatric assessment. I took exception and told him he was not a psychologist and his contention was nothing more than a defamation of character. I told him he was a liar that lied in open court and at that point he finally sat down and shut his lying pie hole.

Judge McKimm then asked what happened to the psyche assessment and I told him that I had much case law for him to show him that a psyche assessment is voluntary in BC and I did not volunteer. Not able to grasp that straw and unwilling to consider anything, including the fact that his bail condition violated my charter rights as did his sending me to jail for a psyche assessment for my beliefs.

He then defended his attempts to aid and abet the attempt to murder my family and steal my mining claims by saying that at the time the ‘Crown had a strong case against me’. I never bothered saying anything more to the deluded idiot. If they had such a strong case how did it crawl up its own ass and die after fifty malicious prosecutions and ample time to produce any evidence? What a thoroughly ludicrous statement. The crown never did have any case and he well knew it. You can also see in my speaking to the sentence and writ of habeus corpus that McKimm was well aware of all the crimes against us that his actions were covering up. He then said that giving me an absolute discharge was not in my best interest. Not in mine or not in his? After having me under arrest unlawfully for a year and violating my charter rights to freedom of speech and even my charter right to hold a belief that I have proof is true beyond a shadow of a doubt, he decided to sentence me to one day and that day he said is today that you have spent in the court room. Egocentric Twit.

Perhaps McKimm really is an idiot. He certainly acts like one. His machinations to aid and abet the attempt to murder my family is what concerns me though. The fact that my petitions to government for redress in the form of formal complaints to government offices set up for that express purpose made no difference to him. Neither did the fact that CRA had stolen our disability cheque, which is a criminal code violation. Neither did the fact that we had paid the Crown up front for all of our mining licenses and simply been defrauded of them with lies. I see the mining claims are now not available on line and I know the MTO inspector knows there is gold where I showed him and so does Proce because I heard the inspector explain the significance of white quartz to him. I think the grow operators out there are quite safe now.

McKimm also knows that CRA reassessed my wife while I was in jail to take revenge for me making the video about them unlawfully seizing my cheques and now claim she owes them 257,000.00 for 2007. In 2007 we had two school age children living at home and my wife had to dress me since I was too disabled from an accident to use my hands. We made 11,860.00 in that year and cra now says my wife owes them 257,000.00? That is a tax rate of 2400%. McKimm also knows that all this has been going on since I gave the RCMP a three inch thick report about child pornography on the internet in 1996 not knowing at the time that I had traced it back to their servers. They were putting it out there to try to entrap people although to see all nonsense in the papers about the rcmp and porn all the time you would think they were running the industry. I guess in a way they are. You can read my affidavit of speaking to the sentence yourself and also the writ of habeus corpus and all the evidence that was supplied to McKimm for his sentencing hearing. He aided and abetted the crimes against me with full knowledge and intimate details of what was going on.

Needless to say I did not get my appeal. The court clerks office claimed the only thing that was set for December 10, 2012 was my application to get transcripts that had been moved from February 2013. They did all they could to give me a run around at all times and even made up outright lies about me in court. But you can check the transcripts of my habeus corpus hearing with Judge Hyslop and see that she moved the date for the appeal from December 3, 2012 to December 10, 2012 so it would be heard after the sentencing. This is typical of Vernon Court Clerks. I even had one court clerk turn around and lie to the judge in open court and McKimm accepted his word. Judge Klinger asked P. Wong if the clerk had entered sworn testimony when he made the statement and P.Wong bowed his head and mumbled no. The Right Honourable Judge Klinger is an honourable man and the fact that Wong was lying did not escape his notice. At any rate, I did not get to appeal the decision and being as how the court is too corrupt to deal with we just let it go. It is obvious there is not much justice to be had in these courts, but that is perhaps because of the likes of McKimm, Takahashi, Burdett and a host of scum floating around them.

Whether you choose, Chief to clean up your own courts before an armed citizenry does is your decision. Surely both of us are astute enough to know history provides hundreds of examples of what happens when such despotism is allowed to persist. It is entirely your choice as to whether you have a little talk with your boys or you aid and abet the attempt to murder our family by doing nothing about it just like everyone else has. For my part, I have put it on your plate and passed around ample copies of this, my transcripts and everything else to know that an awful lot of people know what is going on and are disgusted with our government, courts and <lack of> police services. Are you also a Right Honourable Judge like Judge Klinger? Actions, not words; prove Honour.

I don’t think anyone believes CRA anymore either. They went around the community asking where I was and saying that I owed a pile of money but in spite of everyone telling them where I was they never made it to my place. What do you think the purpose of that was? To collect a 257,000.00 dollar estimated debt on an income of 11,860.00? Funny how just after we gave that report on child pornography to the RCMP all of a sudden we came under attack by CRA and a host of other agencies as well isn’t it? Who are they protecting? Which reminds me of another thing.


The Constitution is supposedly the Supreme Law of Canada. That is section 51 I believe. Section 91 and 92 delineate the powers of government. The Lord Nelson case established that these were ‘water tight compartments’ of authority and responsibility. For the RCMP and CRA to be going to the Disability Office and making false allegations about me is not only a defamation of character but violates the Constitution as well. Just as it is for them to be going to the provincial Mining Titles Office and Land Titles Office to make allegations to have them help harass us. I know McKimm thinks the Constitution is ass wipe and certainly believes my Charter Rights are. Does he not know that the RCMP are operating illegally in our province and answer to none of us?


So, where exactly do you find someone in this province that can investigate the attempt to murder us without further victimizing us? One of the five bullets that went through my motor home missed my son by less than two feet. Judge McKimm knows this. I held up my table leg with the bullet hole in it for him to see. He knows full well what his actions are covering up and so do all the Crown Prosecutors. I know the 25 billion dollar a year marijuana industry in BC is huge and goes hand in glove with the court system raking in major bucks. Its big business for the courts and all the money from the grow ops gets paid to lawyers and the courts. But is that really the type of society you want to bring your children up in?

Is that what you want your home to be known as on the world stage?

As I said earlier; Bruce Prebushewski has shot through another disabled persons home a few months ago and then a few weeks ago was arrested for being over twice the legal limit with a loaded rifle making death threats to his uncle. Rumour has it that witnesses are being threatened and I have no doubt that the common decent folks in this community are scared to say anything about it. I heard about the RCMP grow ops out here when we first moved here ten years ago and the north fork was on fire but no one could go put it out because of the grow ops. I thought it was all bullshit at the time but don’t think so now. Of course nobody wants to say anything when they see me under arrest for a year after being a victim of an attempt to murder us.

I also sent you my presentence report that was constructed by my bail officer. Do you see even he could not get a straight answer from CRA. He knows the documents we gave him from CRA are genuine. CRA lied to him and refused to work with him. It is interesting that the various government offices he contacted stated that I was ‘too smart for my own good’. Intelligence is a bad thing? When? McKimm was given these documents. He failed to give me any consideration what so ever.

All we are out here are sitting ducks. We are disabled and have no money and certainly no lawful protection. We were going to just sit quietly and let it all blow over but the harassment never ends and it has been nearly two decades since we have been able to work lawfully without CRA trashing us to our employers and stealing our pay cheques. I know corruption pays big time but as Ayn Rand wrote; no society can exist as half wealth and half plunder. The slimy stuff pays big, I get that. I noticed that any drug dealers with money don’t spend much time in jail. But it also drives out all legitimate enterprise and money.

Doesn’t anyone in the positions of authority, that they assume at gun point while they disarm the rest of HONEST society care at all about the environment they have for their own families? How is that criminals can AFFORD to buy a justice none of the rest of us get? Two thousand dollars for a half hour bail hearing? Ye gods. Now that is criminal.


The RCMP and CRA are of course out of your hands and they are ludicrously incapable of investigating themselves. How many women in the RCMP have been compensated now for being sexually attacked and harassed by these creeps they work with and then been harassed after they formally complained to the RCMP Complaints Commission. I have twenty five cases that I can see right away in my dossier. As Rob Paulson said when he took over; the RCMP are one scandal away from extinction. His own words speak volumes don’t they? No wonder they are so desperate to cover this up that they will send a disabled man to jail and then cut his disabled wife off assistance while estimating she owes them a quarter of a million dollars. Funny how CRA and the RCMP have worked hand in hand to destroy us after exposing the RCMP child porn isn’t it? I have no illusions as to how rampant this disgusting stuff is in our society or who is responsible. The web site makes that quite clear doesn’t it? And lawyer John Carten’s is a most interesting place to learn of all the corruption and pedophilia in the courts as well. It was wonderful of him to help us so much and like Klinger and Currie it shows that some lawyers are honest, some judges are honest and some Crown Prosecutors are honest. I don’t know of an honest cop and neither did John Carten the last we spoke.

Since all you can do is censure the judges for their misdeeds that is all I ask you to do. You need to convey to them that if they expect everyone else to honour and obey the laws enumerated in our constitution and criminal code, then they need to as well. Seems funny that just presenting the two writs of habeus corpus got me out of the clutches of the court scams and quite appropriate. The Habeus Corpus Act was brought into being in 1640 at the same time the ‘Star Chamber Courts’ were crushed and the law returned to the people. History does repeat itself doesn’t it? Ever heard of the peasant’s rebellion? I don’t think committing legal crimes at gunpoint with the courts is a good thing to let government employees get away with. Fire your Star Chamber Judges and hire more Klingers.

Star Chamber Courts – the jurisdiction extended legally over riots, perjury, misbehaviour of Sheriffs and other misdemeanours contrary to the laws of the land; yet it was afterward stretched to the asserting of all proclamations and matters of state, to the vindicating of illegal commissions and grants of monopolies; holding for honourable that which it pleased, and for just that which it profited, and becoming a court of law to determine civil rights and a court of revenue to enrich the treasury. It was finally abolished by Car.1,c.10 to the general satisfaction of the Habeus Corpus Act.

Sincerely, Harry James Townsend